September Flicks

UK Hikes: The Jurassic Coast

Lulworth to Warbarrow Bay


First we walked out the back of Lulworth, up the hill and then down to the ‘Fossil Forest’ which takes you down to the East end of Lulworth Cove. There were far less people around this side, so we stopped to skim some stones.


From the beach, we scrambled up the side of the cliff to pick up the South West Coast Path and we walked around the headlands taking in the fantastic views.


We came upon a beach with turquoise water, and it was utterly deserted. Next time I think we’ll stop here, but we were on a hike and time wasn’t on our side so we pressed on.


We had to take the path up the cliff, but once up we were able to continue the South West Coast Path towards Warbarrow Bay.

DSC_0063The walk was very steep, and while going down was exciting, coming back up the other way was a challenge to say the least! I’m not particularly fit, so this particular cliff I had to take in about 20 stages on the return!


The next day we got up at 5am to go and watch the sunrise at Durdle Door. The sun appears first over Man O’ War bay.


It was pretty awesome..!


As the sun rose, the water turned from deep purple and blue to orange.


And the whole sky then turned pink.


It must have been a full moon, or there abouts as the moon hung like a ball in the sky, catching the light of the rising sun. DSC_0209

Dawn light really is spectacular. I see it a lot as i’m on the road for work from about 5.45 each day but, of course, being in the car just isn’t the same. Most these photos didn’t come out as well as I’d of liked – I’ve definitely got a lot to learn.


The fun thing was, we weren’t even alone. Quite a few adventurous souls were out with their cameras also.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos of the Jurassic Coast. One of my favourite spots.

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