July Flicks

The Butterfly Month

There’s no better time to see butterflies than July. So many are on the wing and you can find them in all sorts of environments; woodland, meadow-land, heath, marsh. I absolutely love chasing after them for photos. It’s like these new VR Pokemon and Harry Potter games. Only better, because it’s real life.

I’ve managed to get out much more this month. I’ve visited Bernwood Meadows which is where lots of my butterfly photos have come from, and I’ve also been back down to Devon for a long weekend. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Dreamy meadow-land at Bernwood:


Woodland treasures in the forest adjacent to the fields. Purple Hairstreak and Purple Emperor.



Woodland wanderings in Devon. Hembury woods near Buckfast.


We walked along the South West Coast Path from Blackpool sands, along to Slapton Ley.


And of course, we spent some time at the beach.


Happy Holidays!

Learn more about the UK’s butterflies here:


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  1. Joanna says:

    Beautiful photographs!


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