October Flicks

Autumn Colours

Nature Flicks


I feel like i’ve failed this October, I just haven’t got out enough. I’ve done some small local walks, pootled around in the falling leaves – but no big trips, no big hikes to really soak up the season. With the hour having gone back today I can’t help but feel I’ve missed my chance.

But the short walks I have been on have not disappointed, the colours have been spectacular; Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Let’s start with the trees….


And the leaves…


I’ve seen very few mushrooms though, until very recently it had been quite dry so not many have come up yet.


The moon has been spectacular recently too, and the sunrises.

DSC_0070-2DSC_0050 (2)-2DSC_0048-2All in all a very beautiful time of year. The challenge now is to continue to get out and about in Winter brrrr.

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