Camping In Wales

Hiking in Snowdonia

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In August, T and I went camping in a Tipi in Wales. It was my first real camping trip, save the odd dalliance as a teen. We stayed at a secluded eco site on an organic sheep farm deep in the Dyfiddi Forest. To reach the site we had to drive through 20 minutes of Forestry Commission road. It really was off the beaten track.

It was certainly an experience. As a naturally anxious person, there were points in the middle of the night in the pitch black where I freaked out a bit, but the scenery was stunning.



Our Tipi was the Forest Tipi and was surrounded by Oak Woodland.


There were lots of local nature reserves near where we stayed, so we spent our first day just exploring those. The weather was pretty grim but we didn’t let that stop us.


On our last day we went to Cader Idris. The weather (and my level of fitness) meant that we couldn’t climb far. But we got high enough to enjoy some spectacular views.



Click on the Tipi below to learn more about where we stayed. And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @nature_flicks_


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