A Day In Dorset

Never underestimate the power of the day trip my friend. If you’re willing to get up early and put in the driving, it can be just the thing you need for a total re-set. T and I did just that when we took a trip down to Dorset. We’ve only been to Dorset together once before, and both times it did not disappoint.

On this trip we drove down to RSPB Arne which was an amazing reserve, before heading to Durdle Door for a bit of post card perfect scenery.

As you walk out from the carpark, the RSPB site begins with some beautiful Woodland.


As we came out of the Woodland onto the estuary we saw a heard of Seeker Deer.


We then walked along the waterfront looking at the wading birds before heading back inland through some Pine Woodland. There were hides along the way to look out over the pools and watch the birds.


We then stopped for lunch before heading out onto the other part of the reserve which is Heathland. It was in this part of the reserve that we saw Osprays. They were a long way off though so no photos i’m afraid – my lens isn’t that powerful!


After an amazing time at the reserve we drove to the coast to dip our toes in the sea before beginning our drive home.


RPSB Arne was fantastic – use this link to find out more about the site and the work they do: RSPB ARNE


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