August Flicks


The Summer Holidays have been wet and dreary. I was glad for the rain, as everything had become so parched, and I was glad for the cooler weather as it really had been too hot, but my photos this month have not looked very summery.

We went to Avebury, a neolithic site of stone circles that even pre-dates Stonehenge. The site attracts a wonderfully eclectic mix of people, and evidence of Pagan celebrations can be found adorning some of the more beautiful trees.

One of the rocks which make up the stone circles


A close inspection..
A pair of old beech trees with intertwining routes were covered in ribbons and charms


Silbury Hill a little way on from the stones. Originally, thought to be a burial mound, nothing was found inside when it was excavated. 
Back home we’ve spent our evenings walking in search of wildlife, peering through the gloom for hours. 
The cooler tones of this August have been beautiful in a way; the rain makes me look ahead to Autumn.



Find more information on Avebury using the link below


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