February Flicks

It feels weird to sit here posting this late. My February photos are all of the first signs of Spring, and then March 1st brought a blanket of snow. Everything seems to have been put on pause. Let’s hope Spring returns soon! In the meantime – I hope you enjoy looking back at February’s flicks!

In Mid-February we took a trip down to Devon for two days, to walk along some of the South West Coastal Path and to re-visit the reserve at Slapton Ley. We drove down and parked up at Overbecks National Trust for a cup of tea before heading out to Bolt Head (the route can be picked up just behind the Overbeck’s Carpark). Mr Robin joined us for some scone.


Before we set out walking we took the time to walk around the garden. Although renowned for it’s Summer garden due to the warm climate caused by it’s sheltered position on the South Coast, there were still things to see, such as the Magnolias just coming into bloom.


We then struck out for Soar Mill Cove. We’ve tried to reach it before, but the high temperatures of Summer caused us to turn back. We walked along the steep coast path around Bolt Head. But there is an inland route from the Woodland just by the Overbecks Car park which is pretty flat and easy going.

DSC_0052When we reached Soar Mill Cove, we were surprised (and in my case terrified) to find Highland Cattle. And unfortunately the weather turned, making our picnic a spectacular, but chilly one.


The following day, we parked up at Torcross and walked along the bar the Slapton Ley reserve which we walked around. We then looped up to Slapton before walking back along the beach to Torcross.


Walking along the bar which separates the sea from an inland fresh water lagoon. It was warm enough to take my jumper off!
Signs of Spring – an emerging violet
Mr Blue Tit checks out this tree for nest potential
Walking back along the beach to Torcross

There were also some great sites to be seen locally. I think RHS Wisley is a fantastic place to visit this time of year. It’s not yet in its peak and so visitor numbers are lower (I hate busy places). That means you have time to really focus in on the detail without being surrounded by people. The Alpine glass house and main glass house are wonderful this time of year.

Cyclamen in the Alpine Glass House
DSC_0037 (2)
DSC_0039 (2)
DSC_0012 (2)
Crocuses just emerging
DSC_0053 (2)
First to flower

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