January Flicks

28th January 2018 – the first day I officially felt the first sings of Spring. I’ve seen a few snowdrops dotted around, but today I spotted crocuses as well. My hyacinths have bloomed and with the window thrown open today it smelt like Spring was in the air.

This January there’s been a sprinkling of snow, which made for a spectacular walk up on White Horse Hill and I’ve managed to get a few snowdrop shots also. I hope you enjoy!

DSC_0096DSC_0084 (1)

White Horse Hill Uffington, at the very top is an Ancient Hill Fort with beautiful far reaching views. From the National Trust car park you can also walk along with Ridgeway to Wayland’s Smithy an ancient burial site. Click the image link below to find out more.


Despite the poor weather, a country walk still yielded some great flora. These old man’s beards are the seeds left over from a clematis. A decaying hydrangea also made for a beautiful photo.

DSC_0012 (2)DSC_0031ba

Finally, the January classic, the Snowdrop.

DSC_0020 (2)DSC_0006 (2)

It’s officially been a whole year since I began my Nature Flicks blog. For more regular nature photos find me on Instagram @nature_flicks_



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