Hello September!

Welcome to a bonus blog post sharing my September 1st Hike. We walked from the Purbeck Marine Nature Reserve, in Dorset, along the South West Coastal Path to Lulworth Cove. Access to the Nature Reserve is via a toll road. If you’re into snorkelling they had a snorkel trail, but if not, I’d recommend parking at Worbarrow beach. The parking doesn’t show up on google maps but we definitely saw a carpark.

mapAll told, it was 15 miles of walking, up some almost vertical slopes. If I did it again, I wouldn’t go all the way to Lulworth, I’d stop at Worbarrow beach which we found half way along. I’d like to do Lulworth properly though and walk West from it. I hope you enjoy these pictures from our day!

DSC_0054-1Our walk began with what we thought were stunning cliffs, little did we know, there was better still to come.DSC_0068-1With our first slope traversed I stopped to take a celebratory photo, our later conquests made this look like a walk in the park. DSC_0101-1Around 2 miles from the Purbeck Marine Centre, West along the South West Coast Path is Worbarrow beach. It was much quieter than Lulworth Cove. I have to say I preferred it.DSC_0125-1Past the beach came a whole new level of walking. We walked up cliff faces. Not for the faint hearted – if you’re looking for something dramatic, but not too strenuous then the reserve to the beach and back again with a good stint at the beach would make for a really great day.DSC_0123-1DSC_0135DSC_0136-1We reached Lulworth Cove. The tide was in, and the beach was busy. I’d of loved to have walked on to Durdle Door, but time (and energy) was against us. It had taken us 5 hours to get from the reserve to Lulworth, and we needed to get back again before the sun set. DSC_0148-1So back we went! We made excellent time on the route back – the hills were easier going down than they were going up!DSC_0144-1DSC_0164-1By 6pm the sun was getting lower in the sky, but it was still a balmy temperature. I went for a dip in the sea to cool down and then sat on a large chunk of driftwood to let the last of the sun dry me off.DSC_0175-1By 7pm the cliffs and grassland had turned Golden, and shortly after the sun began to set and we chased the light back to the car. DSC_0182DSC_0188-1We walked from 10am until 8pm with our longest stop being Lulworth where we spent about 50 minutes. My legs are hurting so much, but it was worth it!

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