August Flicks

It hasn’t felt a lot like August this month; so many grey days. When the sun has come out though, it’s been perfect. I’ve had some great days out this month, rolling around in the grass chasing after butterflies.

I picked up an excellent book by the Berks, Bucks and Ox Wildlife Trust at a local charity shop. Entitled Where to go for Wildlife. It has an index of all the wildlife you might like to see, so you could look up Otters say, and then it will tell you where to go looking. In addition it’s pages about each site detail what you will see there in each particular season. So we’re very excitedly planning trips to see fungi, over wintering birds, owls, otters, with enough sites to see to keep us going all through the year. I strongly recommend seeing if your local Wildlife Trust has one for your area, they’re excellent guides.

Our first site was an enormous success, we set out in search of a Purple Hairstreak as I’ve never seen one before. After hours of searching as I sat down to eat my picnic on a bench I saw one out the corner of my eye – just when I wasn’t looking!


I couldn’t get a picture of its purple wings, but I got a shot which was good enough to ID it. They’re minute, the same size as Blues – I always thought they’d be more like a Gatekeeper.

Keeping with the theme of butterflies, here’s a Small Copper and a Common Blue spotted over the last 2 weeks.


August is also wonderful for Summer gardens. I haven’t watched Gardner’s World in ages, I may have to binge watch some this afternoon with a cup of tea. I made my annual visit to Hidcot NT which was inspirational as ever. I must get myself over to Grey’s Court before their veg goes over. I hope you enjoy this dose of colour.

DSC_0068DSC_0058-001DSC_0065DSC_0015-001DSC_0031To find out more about where I’ve been this month, use the links below. As always you can find more regular updates on my instagram @nature_flicks_ and some of my images are available as prints/cards/stickers/phone cases on Redbubble


The Wildlife Trusts logo(1)


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