July Flicks

Sorry for being so MIA, I’ve just been moving house. And with that has come the usual lack of internet/time/energy for creativity! But I’m settled in now, and ready to get back into it. I continue to post as regularly as I can on my instagram though, please come find me @nature_flicks_

July was a beautiful month of scorching sunshine, I spent a great deal of time out in the fields in Oxfordshire, listening to the humming of  grasshoppers and the chattering of swallows. Life is all together different now – I’ve replaced my studio flat by a railway station, under the Heathrow flight path, with a 1 bed in a quiet Oxfordshire town.

I only have a few photos to share from this July, starting with this Blue Butterfly.


I’ll have to rely on some old stock here; the photos below are from last year. Taken at Hidcot’s – click on any of the photos to find out more about visiting. I’m returning there next week – it’s a beautiful garden, which has been carefully segmented into distinctive ‘rooms’. Be sure to check out the pottage style vegetable garden, and check the pond carefully for Greater Crested Newts.


July and August are the months for being out in the fields, there’s nothing like it. Take a trip to the White Horse Hill in Oxfordshire, to walk along paths which have been trod for a millennia.



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  1. Sartenada says:

    Sigh, how beautiful.


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