April Flicks

We are now firmly into Spring. The sun is out, and our gardens and countryside have sprung back into life – barely recognisable from their barren winter state just a few months previous.

You’ll see plenty of butterflies now the flowers are out. So far this month I’ve seen:

  • Orange Tips
  • Brimstones
  • Peacocks
  • A Red Admiral
  • A Blue – it never settled so couldn’t identify – possible an Adonis?
  • Commas
  • Painted Ladies
  • Speckled Woods
  • Large Whites
  • Small Whites

All sightings in the South West between Oxfordshire and South Devon. I didn’t manage to capture them all but here are a few I did get.

A Pair of Brimstone
A Peacock soaking up the sun on a beach in Dartmouth
DSC_0046 (1)
A Small White at RHS Wisley

Nature loves the sun; look closely and you’ll see ponds brimming with tadpoles, stick around and you might even see some newts.

A Smooth Newt

April is a perfect time to get away. I headed off on my usual trip to Devon and found myself walking in temperatures above 20 centigrade.

Sugary Cove, Dartmouth
Evening Sun in Ashprington
Big Walk around the Totnes Area

Back home, April is a great time for sowing vegetables. I’ve spent a good portion of my Easter Break helping my Dad dig over his plot and plant out plugs. We’ve got peas, mange-tout, courgettes, leeks, onion spinach, lettuce and strawberries this year.

Its taken a few years to get the soil even to this point – and we’ve still got a way to go. It’s very heavy clay where my folks live.
New project! This year Dad’s added a new raised bed. Home to our Pea plugs. We’re hoping they’ll like the hot wall.


I’m trying out Red Bubble at the moment for some of my pictures. It’d be great if you could come check me out 🙂


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