March Flicks

Spring has sprung!! Get out there, soak up some sunshine. March is such a hopeful month; first the crocuses, then daffodils and then ending with glorious magnolias and blossoms. March often holds the first ‘jumper off’ day of the year- though I’ve yet to brave it thanks to a horrid cold. Below are some flicks from this month to celebrate the season. Spring at last 🙂

Blossoms in the Terraced Gardens Richmond



…. and it’s not just people who like blossoms… apparently the parakeets think they’re tasty..!

DSC_0042 (2)

Blossoms, flowers and the warmer weather will bring out the first butterflies. You’ll usually see the bright yellow Brimstone first.

DSC_0057 (2) DSC_0054 (2)A Comma at Teddington Lock

Look closely, and you’ll see wildlife everywhere. I even met my first Tree Creeper this weekend!

DSC_0048 (2)There he is… creeping… in a tree.


On sunnier days in March, it is well worth a trip to the seaside. Beach days aren’t just for summer, this picture was taken on 30/03 last year in Dartmouth, Devon. Perfect..


Happy March 🙂

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