February: What Grows?

… more than January!

The snowdrops will be out in greater numbers, as will the winter aconite and cyclamen. Crocus’ will also start to push through, all showing that winter’s grip is loosening. What a welcome site..



Crocuses being grown outside will only just be opening towards the end of February. I actually like them more when they’re closed, they look more jewel like. Sometimes once they’re open they’re almost too big for their stems and can flop over and look a mess!


These pretty white crocuses were growing in a glass house at Osterley Park and so were opening even in February.


Daffodils will also typically open up towards the end of February… although I did see a bunch growing happily by the Thames in December once!


My photos of the crocuses and daffodils were taken at Osterley Park National Trust in Isleworth. Well worth a visit for Londoners as it is very easy to get to. Web link below and you can also follow their team on twitter for some lovely garden updates.



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